Life’s an adventure or nothing!

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Big adventures have often just slammed into my life over the years. It was easier to take off for months to travel the world in my twenties. With a gulp, I wrote my will and took advantage of travel bargains right after 9/11. Thailand? Diving in Fiji or drop everything to join a friends’ family in New Zealand? I live pretty simply, so with gratitude, as I often as I can, I’ve set aside rational objections and just gone. Still made sure my family was fine with it, that the cat was fed, bills paid, but went and it’s always worked out. Helen Keller and I are sisters on this one, she said, ‘Life’s an adventure, or nothing’.

As you read this I’ll be driving along the South Island highways of New Zealand. I hear that it’s one of the top ten road trips world wide. I’ll let you know and about the few days exploring the Sydney area. Provided viruses can be dodged and internet service secured,I’ll be blogging about our adventures and look forward to your comments as I post.

With a 14 hour flight in a narrow metal cocoon looming, I’ll be practicing a lot of the Flytime Yoga techniques. If you’ve been sitting a long while, (especially after waking up twisted, with your seat back oh-so-slightly tilted),you need to stretch slowly with awareness to avoid cramping and ease back into consciousness.

Here’s a couple of ideas for travel ease:

Tailbone Tuck: Sit up and straighten out your spine. Picture the tip of your tailbone and invite it to stretch down, opening up your lower back. Next pull it slightly forward, curling upwards. Take a few full breaths, then release and curl your tailbone back into the seat, slightly arching your lower back and releasing your abdomen. Breathe deeply and continue this curl forward and back, slowly and gently several times.

Avoiding Flight Fatigue: Since, according to Federal regulations, oxygen content on planes is allowed at about Denver levels (over 7,500 feet) and most of us aren’t living at that altitude, you may experience a syndrome called Flight Fatigue. So breathe deeply and consciously to clear your head, especially when approaching your destination and you have to switch gears from relaxation to the busyness of all the arrival tasks.

Flight Fatigue may even make you groggy on short flights. Make a practice of breathing deeply and slowly whenever you think of it. Deep conscious breathing is a great help anytime you’ve been sitting for long. It also helps to calm nerves by lowering your blood pressure, improves mental clarity and increases energy…in a very natural, nourishing way.

Flytime Yoga Booklet & Travel Wallet Discount: There are many more Flytime techniques in the passport wallet and booklet. Until Feb. 15th you can receive a 30% discount on pre-orders of the Flytime Travel Wallet & Booklet. These ship at the end of February, in time for spring break and summer travel plans. Click here for more info.

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